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Sunrise Buffalo Huddleston

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Buffalo Huddleston Band from Guernsey were blown away to be voted Best of British’s 2015 Best Unsigned Band; but this hugely talented bunch of islanders and their energetic ‘folk-hop’ sounds have been snow-balling a buzz ever since their creation.

The band started in 2013 when singer/song-writer, acoustic guitarist and didgeridoo player Mike Meinke aka Buff Hudd asked rapper Jull-Z, and violinists Sarah and Becky to jam out some new material. ‘We just clicked’ says Mike, ‘it seemed like our musical tastes shouldn’t work together, but we stumbled on a diamond – initially in the rough admittedly!’. Adding a funk rhythm section to the mix in Thomas Bradshaw (upright bass) and Simon Prince (drums) proved to be a shrewd move and the band very quickly gained notoriety in the Channel Islands, playing over 100 shows, packing out venues and festivals alike. Their debut album ‘Sunrise’ was independently released in December 2014 with a follow-up currently in the making and expected 2017.

‘We didn’t have any pre-conceptions of what our sound would be’ says Jull-Z, ‘that’s part of the beauty, we just jammed and this rootsy ‘folk-hop’ came out.’ Sarah adds ‘Rhythmically the style changes between hip-hop, drum and bass, reggae, and folk but it’s all played on acoustic instruments which binds the sound together and gives it a big personality.’

BHB couldn’t have predicted the enthusiasm critics and fans found for their music. ‘They have created the most listenable sound I ever remember hearing from a band in the Channel Islands’, Tom Girard from BBC Introducing says. On hearing their album Skope magazine commented ‘No other band quite sounds like Buffalo Huddleston Band, they are a unique beast in the musical kingdom, a glimpse of true radiant beauty.’

While they’ve loved every gig they’ve played in the Channel Islands they now have their sights firmly set on touring the UK and Europe. ‘We just want to get out there and share our music with more people, and hope they love it as much as our fans here in the Channel Islands do’ says Simon. They’re also working hard on their second album with a goal to have it completed and released by Summer 2017.

‘What it all comes down to for us’, remarks Mike, ‘is that we absolutely love what we do…playing our music and seeing people go nuts to it is the best feeling and we want more!’

The Band

Buffalo Huddleston Band are:  Buff Hudd (vocals, guitar & didgeridoo), Jull-Z (rapper), Sarah van Violin (vocals, violin, viola & melodica), Thomas Bradshaw (double bass, electric bass), Simon Prince (vocals, drums and percussion), and when she occasionally comes home from Switzerland, Becky Hamilton (vocals, violin).

Mike aka Buff Hudd is also a solo performer.  Percussive guitar, a kick drum suitcase, tambourine, didgeridoo and smokey laid-back vocals combine with catchy song-writing and infectious grooves to create something pretty unique!

For booking or any other information, fee free to get in touch!

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